McDonald’s Restaurant, Minsk

Location: Объекта: Minsk, at the intersection of Umanskaya St. and Dzerzhinsky Ave.

Project Owner:  KSB Victory Restaurants Unitary Enterprise

Project Implementation: 6 months, November 2019-April 2020

Project Description:

  • A catering building
  • The floor area is 360 sqm
  • The land plot area is 0.48 ha
  • The building is a frame made of prefab reinforced concrete. The external walls are made of aerated concrete blocks with insulation, sandwich panels. The supporting system of the building is designed in a reinforced concrete prefabricated framework, with hinged coupling of prefabricated crossbars with reinforced concrete columns of the frame and rigid connection of columns with foundations. Stability and geometric immutability of the frame is ensured by jamming columns in the foundations.

The list of main works:

  • Dismantling of the existing buildings
  • Construction of a single-storey building for McDonald’s Restaurant
  • Laying of outside utilities, their temporary and permanent connection
  • Constructing and equipping of the “drive thru” lines
  • Constructing of a drive-in/drive out
  • Constructing of two car parks for automobiles
  • Constructing of pedestrian footpaths between the pavements of Dzerzhinsky Ave. and the territory of the restaurant
  • Landscaping and gardening of the territory of the restaurant
  • Constructing of a screened-in patio

Start of works: 

Completion of works: 
April 2020

The area of the building is 360 m²

The height of the building is 6.0 m